PH: (310) 277 9393, FAX: (310) 277 9252, EMAIL: JudyFoxPTM@msn.com

Disciples Sugar Skull Girls Stingy Jack Movie Below Zero Children of Sorrow Charlie's Farm
JUDY FOX is a producer (P) and/or casting director (CD) on the following feature films:

NOLA (P, CD) Directed by Sarah Spillane
CHARLIE'S FARM (P) Directed by Chris Sun
DISCIPLES (P) Directed by Joe Hollow
SUGAR SKULL GIRLS (P) Directed by Christian Grillo
TELEKTONON (P) Directed by Lawrence Donini
HELL HUNTERS (P) Created by Lawrence Donini
MANGLED (P) Directed by Lawrence Nelson II
HELL, MICHIGAN (P) Directed by Scott Kodrik
THE BLOCK (P) Directed by Craig Singer
CUT (P) Directed by Joe Hollow
LAKESHORE DRIVE (P/CD) Directed by Michael Grais
THE BLOODFEST CLUB (P) Directed by Oscar Madrid and Jim Ousley
THE A PLATE (P) Directed by Terre Weisman
BELOW ZERO (P) Directed by Justin Thomas Ostensen
CHILDREN OF SORROW Directed by Jourdan McClure

Judy is a 30+ year veteran of the entertainment industry. She has distinguished herself as a respected talent manager and as a film producer. Judy also helps develop film and television projects with major studios, television networks, and independent filmmakers. She has cast a number of the films she has produced. Her producing and casting credits include NOLA (2017), An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted), TAT(2017), 6:45(2017) KRAMPUS: THE DEVIL RETURNS(2016), SUGAR SKULL GIRLS(2015), APOCOLYPSE KISS(2015), CHARLIE'S FARM(2014), DISCIPLES(2014), CHILDREN OF SORROW(2012), THE A PLATE(2011), THE FAMILY(2011), BELOW ZERO(2011), LAKESHORE DRIVE(2006), and many others.

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