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Stingy Jack Movie
JUDY FOX is a producer on the following feature films:

NOLA Directed by Sarah Spillane
TELEKTONON Directed by Lawrence Donini
HELL HUNTERS Created by Lawrence Donini
MANGLED Directed by Lawrence Nelson II
HELL, MICHIGAN Directed by Scott Kodrik
THE BLOCK Directed by Craig Singer
CUT Directed by Joe Hollow
THE BLOODFEST CLUB Directed by Oscar Madrid and Jim Ousley
THE A PLATE Directed by Terre Weisman
BELOW ZERO Directed by Justin Thomas Ostensen
LONGWOOD Written by Matthew C. Dumond
STINGY JACK Directed by Matthew C. Dumond
CHILDREN OF SORROW Directed by Jourdan McClure

Below Zero
Interview with Kane Hodder by Sylvain Moké

Interview with Bill Moseley by JMDigital

LA TIMES: 2013-09-13 - by Gina McIntyre
Kane Hodder on Killer instinct, Jason's legacy

LA TIMES: 2013-01-13 - by Gina McIntyre
‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’: Bill Moseley reflects on a monster career

2012-07-18 - by Dave McNary

Trio join "Self Storage"

Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman, Jonathan Silverman board pic.

2010-04-28 - by Dave McNary

Furlong, Berryman top 'Below Zero' - Indie thriller has begun shooting in Canada

Edward Furlong and horror film veteran Michael Berryman are toplining indie thriller "Below Zero". read more...

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