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Danielle Harris:

Danielle Harris Danielle Harris Danielle Harris Danielle Harris Danielle Harris Danielle Harris


Camp Cold Brook Angela Dir. Andy Palmer
Postpartum Regan Dir. Richard Bakewell
Inoperable Amy Barrett Dir. Christopher Lawrence Chap
Havenhurst Danielle Dir. Andrew C. Erin
See No Evil 2 Amy Dir. Jen Soska/Sylvia Soska
Camp Dread Sheriff Donlyn Dir. Harrison Smith
Hallow's Eve Nicole Bates Dir. Sean McGarry
Hatchet III Marybeth Dir. BJ McDonnell
Ghost of Goodnight Lane Chloe Dir. Alin Bijan
Shiver Wendy Alden Dir. Julian Richards
Fatal Call Amy Hannison Dir. Jack Snyder
The Trouble with the Truth Jenny Dir. Jim Hemphill
Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 Spann Dir. Robert Hall
The Victim Mary Dir. Michael Biehn
Nice Guys Finish Last Kori Dir. Kimberly McCullough
Hatchet II Marybeth Dir. Adam Green
Stake Land Belle Dir. Jim Mickle
Cyrus Maria Dir. Jay Duplass
Godkiller: Walk Among Us Halfpipe Dir. Matt Pizzolo
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Kathy Dir. Gabriel Bologna
Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet Alissa Dir. Frank Sabatella
Halloween II Annie Brackett Dir. Rob Zombie
Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion Felicia Freeze Dir. Ray Griggs
Left for Dead Nancy Dir. Christopher Harrison
Halloween Annie Brackett Dir. Rob Zombie
Race You to the Bottom Carla Dir. Russell Brown
Em & Me Emily Dir. L. James Langlois
Rugrats Go Wild Debbie Thornberry Dir. John Eng/Norton Virgien
The Wild Thornberrys Movie Debbie Thornberry Dir. Cathy Malkasian
Killer Bud Barbie Dir. Karl T. Hirsch
Poor White Trash Suzi Dir. Michael Addis
Goosed Young Charlene Dir. Aleta Chappelle
Urban Legend Tosh Guaneri Dir. Jamie Blanks
Dizzyland Lulu Dir. Dennis Hackin
Daylight Ashley Crighton Dir. Rob Cohen
Shattered Image Susan Dir. Raul Ruiz
Free Willy Gwenie Dir. Simon Wincer
The Last Boy Scout Darian Hallenbeck Dir. Tony Scott
City Slickers Classroom Student Dir. Ron Underwood
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead Melissa Dir. Stephen Herek
Marked for Death Tracey Dir. Dwight H. Little
Halloween 5 Jamie Lloyd Dir. Dominique Othenin-Girard
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Jamie Lloyd Dir. Dwight H. Little


Twisted Tales Guest Star FEARnet
Bones Guest Star FOX
Psych Guest Star USA
Fear Clinic Recurring FEARnet
Father of the Pride Series Regular NBC
Cold Case Guest Star CBS
The Wild Thornberrys Series Regular Nickelodeon
The Partners Guest Star CBS
The West Wing Guest Star NBC
That's Life Series Regular CBS
The Wild Thorberrys: The Origin of Donnie Series Regular Nickelodeon
Charmed Guest Star The WB
Diagnosis Murder Guest Star CBS
Brooklyn South Recurring CBS
ER Recurring NBC
High Incident Guest Star ABC
Boy Meets World Guest Star ABC
The Commish Guest Star ABC
Jack's Place Guest Star ABC
Roseanne Recurring ABC
Growing Pains Guest Star ABC
Eerie, Indiana Guest Star NBC
In Living Color Guest Star FOX
Spenser: For Hire Guest Star ABC
One Life to Live Guest Star ABC

Danielle Harris is one of just a few actresses who have maintained popularity and value in the film and television industry, since starting out as a child star at the age of seven. She is considered the most recognizable female star in the horror genre.

Her journey into acting began in New York, when she was cast, at the age of seven, on the ABC daytime drama ONE LIFE TO LIVE. With her growing popularity and her passion for acting, she moved with her supportive family to Los Angeles, to further pursue her acting career. On the very day she arrived in Los Angeles, Danielle was cast in the classic summer sleeper DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD, starring opposite Christina Applegate. Shortly after filming wrapped, Danielle landed a series-regular role on ABC's comedy hit ROSEANNE. Danielle and her family realized their move to Los Angeles was permanent! Danielle continued booking back-to-back jobs, including being directed by some of Hollywood's most iconic film directors such as Tony Scott, who hired her, starring opposite Bruce Willis in Shane Black's notorious THE LAST BOYSCOUT. Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND FURIOUS) cast Danielle in his epic mega-budget film DAYLIGHT, for Universal Studios, starring opposite Sylvester Stallone, shooting on location in Rome, Italy.

Danielle went on to star as fan favorite JAMIE LLOYD in John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN IV, sealing her fame in the horror genre. Ms. Harris returned to the franchise starring as ANNIE BRACKET, in the Rob Zombie directed HALLOWEEN I and II, for The Weinstein's Dimension Films.

With her success and enormous global fan base, Danielle found herself "back in blood" in the award- winning vampire drama, STAKELAND, which premiered at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival in 2010, where she took home the Audience Choice Award. Danielle soon after was cast to star in the much-anticipated sequels to Adam Green's cult classic HATCHET franchise, further fortifying her demand in the genre. Danielle continued her role as "Scream Queen" in the lead role of AMY in SEE NO EVIL 2, for WWE Studio/Lionsgate.

Danielle has always been passionate about the workings of behind the scenes, in filmmaking. She wrote and directed WILLIE'S STORY (short), which was produced by MPI (STAKE LAND) and Glass Eye Pix. This project showcases her strengths in directing, adding to her varied artistic talents. As she is with her acting, Danielle is a natural as a film director.

Danielle made her full-length feature film directorial debut in 2012 with AMONG FRIENDS, a hip 1980's throwback Horror Comedy, about a dinner party gone terribly wrong. "This dinner party is gonna be KILLER…" AMONG FRIENDS was shot in 10 days on a micro budget and quickly became a fan favorite, at genre film festivals across the globe. AMONG FRIENDS received US distribution by Grindstone/Lionsgate and Anchor Bay Canada. As well as the US and Canada, AMONG FRIENDS was released in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, going on to being distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

Danielle looks forward to being back in the director/producer's chair with her feature film DEAD WEEK (working title), which has been optioned by writer Jenny Wingfield (MAN IN THE MOON.) DEAD WEEK is currently being shopped to studios and Danielle hopes to start production soon, in Louisiana and Georgia.

Danielle currently resides in Los Angeles, with her husband David Gross and baby boy, Carter Davis Gross, born February 21, 2017.

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